Schedule of completion : Year 2015
Status : Fully sold.

The Garden is where the place to be.

The Garden @ Semenyih Mewah 4 is designed with lush greenery to provide fresh environment for a balance living fostering peace of mind and soul.

The Garden, strive to create a safe and friendly community, bringing you a comfortable lifestyle with practical, functional and spacious home within gated and guarded community.

Property Details

Property Type
Built-up Area:

:  Freehold
:  Double Storey Terrace
:  Type 1 : 22’ X 80’ = 2,414 sf.

Property Type
Land Area
Built-up area

:  Double Storey Terrace House
:  22’ x 65’
:  2117sqft
:  4
:  3

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Date Completed : Year 2012
Status : Fully sold.

•  A 100.0 million Gross Development Value project by Homecity
•  It comprises of 280 units of different sizes of single-storey and
   double-storey terrace houses.
•  Large playfield furnished with children playgrounds and
   exercises equipment suitable for adult and all age group.

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Date Completed : Year 2009
Status : Fully sold.

•  This project had certified with score of 81% by QLASSIC
   (Quality Assessment System in Construction).

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Date Completed : Year 2006
Status : Fully sold.




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